Sunday, December 25, 2011

Arizona: The Five "Cs"

Arizona: The Sixth C Is Cactus
Arizona has changed dramatically in just the short time that I've lived here. But, change isn't always a bad thing.

During the first century of statehood, the five "C"s - cattle, citrus, climate, copper, and cotton - which are depicted on the state seal, have made Arizona shine.

Now, the copper mines that once dominated many towns are closed. Vast expanses of citrus groves have been replaced by multiple housing subdivisions. Arizona's favorable climate, which has driven the population growth for decades is also imperiled by that growth. Cattle ranchers continue their traditions against a backdrop of environmental regulations, political, and economic pressures. And cotton production, which has risen and fallen over the years, has seen a resurgence of late due to global demand.

This Cronkite News special report examines the status of these "C"s, elements that helped chart Arizona's transition from the "Wild West" to a cosmopolitan western state this past 100 years.

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