Sunday, July 29, 2012

Carmona For Arizona

Born to a poor Hispanic family in New York City, Dr. Richard Carmona experienced homelessness, hunger and bleak prospects for a future education and economic opportunity.

The child of parents who emigrated to the United States and struggled with alcoholism and substance abuse, Rich learned tough early lessons about economic disparities and social injustice – an experience he has never forgotten, and one that has given him an understanding of how culture, health, education and economic status shape our country.

I can identify with Dr. Carmona, the former Surgeon General, and I think you can too.

Arizona needs Senators who care about the average Arizonan and are willing to serve our interests. Vote for Rich, not the rich, and help change Arizona's future for the better.

Source: Vote for Richard Carmona

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  1. Now's the time to change politics in Arizona for the better, and elect someone that will represent "all" Arizonans, not just the wealthy business interests.

    You have the power to make that change. Vote for Richard Carmona on Tuesday.