Friday, October 5, 2012

Visit The Scottsdale Film Festival

Looking for something unique to do this weekend? Then why not spend some time at this year's 12th annual Scottsdale International Film Festival? Even the most casual look at this year’s line-up reveals a blend of films to satisfy a broad range of interests and tastes.

There are smaller films for the appreciative, daring cineaste; and bigger, more mainstream films that reveal the burgeoning of the commercial market—a wonderful mix of film genres from light-hearted comedies to period dramas, chosen from all corners of the world. There is so much to see―and something for everyone!

For example, here's the trailer for The Finger, a political satire film out of Argentina -

THE FINGER (El Dedo) from The Global Film Initiative on Vimeo.

After seven years of local dictatorship, a remote village in Argentina formally becomes a town, with the birth of its 501st inhabitant. Based on real events, this charming dramatic comedy pokes fun at small town ways while celebrating true democratic values.

Hidalgo, a slick and ingratiating scion, is eager for the new post of mayor. Smelling a rat, Baldomero (a beloved natural leader with a habitually tapping digit) runs against him—and soon turns up dead.

His shopkeeper brother vows revenge, keeping Baldomero’s severed finger in a jar, initially as a remembrance. But eventually it becomes an absurd icon of leadership that spurs the town to defy crooked elections, interloping powers―and Hidalgo―to go its own way.

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