Monday, November 12, 2012

Arizona Election Results

Normally, I would usually consider the outrage of the speaker in this video to be the ramblings of a disappointed voter or conspiracy theorist. But, after what's happened to me, I'm not so sure that he has an unfounded claim.

I've been resident of Arizona, and a registered Democrat who votes early through the mail, for many years. In September of 2011, I bought a new home and moved. I only moved from the east-central side of Phoenix to the west-central side, less than 10 miles away.

As I've done in the past, I changed my address and other information online through Service Arizona. Also available through this service is the availability to change your voter registration information. I did both when I moved, and I've never had a problem before.

I received a confirmation that the state successfully updated my change of address information, but for some unknown reason, they had a problem updating my voter change of address.

Within a week or so later I received a "paper" form stating that I needed to update my change of address information using this form. So, I filled out the form and sent it in, thinking that should fix the unknown problem. I never received anything to the contrary.

Well, come October 2012, I didn't receive an early ballot like I've usually been receiving them. So, I went online to check my voter registration status. Lo and behold, my voter status stated that it was restricted and I was ineligible to vote.

Of course, being a Democrat in a fanatically Republican state, my conspiracy "spidey-sense" went off, so I emailed Service Arizona, the Maricopa County Recorder's Office, and the State Democratic Party headquarters to voice my complaint, and to make sure that I was deemed eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

Within the week or so, I was deemed eligible and received my early ballot in the mail. I voted my choices along party lines and sent it in the next day.

Like everyone else, I watched the election results and disappointedly accepted the outcome. But, then a few days later, I read the news reports that most of the early ballots still had to be counted, even though the recorder's office had already announced who had won the elections.

Again, my spidey-senses went off that something just wasn't right. How could the state determine a winner without counting such a significant amount of the ballots? It was too close to call without including the numerous early ballots.

Like the man in this video, I can't help but wonder if the Republican party has stolen this election. I hope the Feds will investigate to see if there was truly anything corrupt or illegal involved.

Source: Voters Angry As Arizona Continues To Count Ballots


  1. Well, we did get Sinema and Barber so I was relieved there but I doubt the rednecks in this state will ever vote Arpaio out or that creep Flake. I'm hoping we'll become at least light red next time around.

  2. LOL! I thought for sure that this was the year we turned into a blue state.

    It's progress that Barber and Sinema won. Call me paranoid, but truly, I think that there's some type of hidden Republican manipulation going on that people aren't aware of, and I hope that the Feds look into it.