Sunday, June 2, 2013

Keep Church and State Separate

Just a video shout-out to any of the religious right-wing legislators in Arizona who just can't seem to maintain that boundary between church and state.

Arizona, like the rest of America, is a melting pot of people from diverse ethnic, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds. An elected representative's job is to represent their constituency as a whole, regardless of religion. Let's keep church and state separate, like the constitution dictates, and not use your public position to further your own personal religious agenda, okay?

Source: Americans United for Separation of Church and State


  1. Can you blame them? They've seen how corporations have taken control of governments in order to gain more wealth and power, and are just trying to get in on the action themselves.

  2. Hey, trying to keep church and state separate isn't only an Arizona problem. It's normal politics as usual in the Bible Belt and other GOP-led states.

    Saying "emotions are running high," Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida formally called for a "Statewide Day of Prayer for Unity," following last week's verdict in the George Zimmerman trail that's sparked large protests in the Sunshine State.

  3. Another report of right-wing American Al-Qaeda members using the government to ram their religious beliefs down the throat of unsuspecting women seeking help.

    "While it's certainly true that the Christian right is entitled to spin any tales and tell any lies they wish to justify their beliefs, the problem here is that CPCs do not present themselves as right wing Christian organizations most of the time, but rather try to seem like medical centers.

    Worse, they are increasingly getting government support, such as with the state funding through license plates, that may give them a sense of authority that they do not deserve. Exposes like this help, but states withdrawing all support from CPCs would help more."

    Read more at: Virginia Crisis Pregnancy Centers Caught Lying About Abortion and Contraception

  4. You might enjoy this story. Tennessee Judge to mom: Sorry, you can't name your child "Messiah". I'm going to forcibly change it to "Martin". - This Week in God

  5. At a conservative event in Oregon earlier this month, Tea-party activist, Jerome Corsi claimed leftist atheists like the American Civil Liberties Union were trying to use same-sex marriage to “take God out of Church.” He alleged leftists wanted to make same-sex marriage a constitutional right so that the government could crack down on Christians.

    Source: The Raw Story - Tea party speaker: ‘Well, they want to call me a racist? Go ahead’